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GAIA wallet is built in the newest technology like JavaScript, Angular and proprietary HTTP server created from scratch by GAIA developers. Wallet has proprietary GUI for computers and mobile devices. Wallet can be configured to be accessible from local computer, local network behind firewall and with access for all household or with access form global network. Wallet support authorization and HTTPS connections so is FULLY SECURED
GAIA Platform
Not a concept, but a fully working Model! What makes GAIA different??
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GAIA coin offers the security and reliability of the blockchain with an Extensible, Skinnable, Modular platform design capabilities to implement distributed markets and services. Wallet users can buy and sell items inside the built in store instantly with Gaia currency. Even those with very limited knowledge of the blockchain technology can use the Gaia platform simpler than they can use eBay. Developers can create extensions, skins, games, apps in technology like: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Flash and more. This is not a concept waiting to be developed, this is a fully working model (Proof Of Concept) with months of hard research and work done to make sure the GAIA platform is ready to operate at launch. GAIA developers work on banking application coding has given us the needed experience to launch such a platform.
While the GAIA block chain operates in the same methodology of the traditional block chain, the GAIA team removed the limitations of the QT wallet, and replaced it with an entirely new concept. Coindaemon operates as an OS service accessible through any web browser, this is a new ecosystem developed around the coin daemeon to provide expanded set of services and remove limitations of the block chain. The coin daemon is used by the developers only as tool that maintains the blockchain and revert focus on the creation of a platform that supports the business part of the currency. The block chain act to maintain the integrity of the network, while the Ecosystem act to integrate a wide range of services previously not easily supported. On release the GAIA WWW wallet will include the GAIA website, the GAIA web store, block explorer, and API to support GAIA store with: Free and paid skins, games, apps, and more. When market software is tested, it will be released as Open Source software so any developer can run GAIA store and distribute his own applications and extension. GAIA store will give you the possibility to create apps and sell or distribute freely. GAIA wallet will be easy to modify but part of it will be closed source to prevent copy/paste by other coin developers and will be secured by special module build in http server. This model of software is very innovative, daemon - needed by pools, markets is open source will be ready to download form Github and build like regular coin daemon, wallet layout will be open source too. GAIA devs created very small, fast, secured http server dedicated to work with coin daemon. Updates will be available from wallet(notification) and easy to install, like one click and accept installations. The GAIA platform instructions and extensions will provide a two way street for developers to add and customize the GAIA revolutionary platform without affecting the integrity of the blockchain. A developer for example can create a new feature using the provided instructions. Any one can use or test this feature on his browser wallet. Any one can create a web store using the instructions/files from github(or create their own store framework) and operate his own business, the GAIA currency will act as a large scale payment system on the GAIA platform.
Development process GAIA developers going to use an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing GAIA development what does that mean? GAIA team is going to create sprints list and release updates every week/month with bigger and smaller software updates. Sprint list will be released soon after ANN release. Also we run proprietary bug list software where customers can reports bugs, add something to wish list, and get official support from devs. Today we have fully working Proof Of Concept wallet - that means we have development version of wallet and moving functionality added step by step to productive version with nice look/skin. Demo/development version (in testnet mode) will be available online in soon after this ANN and will be auto updated. GAIA team will provide store with few free skins, some translations and proprietary games. GAIA wallets will be available work on any OS: Windows, Linux, OS X, and has a Mobile GUI that supports any mobile device with web access.
Specs Ticker: GAIA Total Initial Coins: 24 million Burned Coins : 15,080.335.00 Mining: 100% POS Annual Interest: 5%  Confirmations: 10 Maturity: 240 blocks Min transaction fee: 0.0001 GAIA Min stake age: 4 hours, no max age
Technology Node.js Bootstrap AngularJS Ajax JQuery HTML5 CSS3
Features Extensible Skinnable Modular Built in Store
First Gaia Burn: Status: 13744 confirmations, broadcast through 12 nodes Date: 3/7/2016 11:24 To Burn Address : GKRBURNGKRBURNGKRBURNXXXXXXXVWvY4U Debit: -9725400.00 GAIA Transaction fee: -0.0009 GAIA Net amount: -9725400.0009 GAIA Transaction ID: 155d232a06125383f8f6a5256305c491aecfd7df0f13f13007bc0cb6bfd7b7f9
GAIA Wallets & Source
Second Gaia Burn: Status: 12 confirmations, broadcast through 13 nodes Date: 3/19/2016 18:27 To Burn Address : GKRBURNGKRBURNGKRBURNXXXXXXXVWvY4U Debit: -5354935.00 GAIA Transaction fee: -0.0003 GAIA Net amount: -5354935.0003 GAIA Transaction ID: 329b974744a844bb05b92a65be7a62ed1f5f6bd798bd9c3ce828df9d7a133918
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