Welcome Introduction These pages mainly hold information about the aquatic/shrimp hobby but over time will hold a variety of topics such as bitcoin and altcoins. These relatively new digital cryptografic currencies are getting more popular and usage all over the world. The currencies are alternate ways of transferring funds to where or whoever you wish. In future there will be a shop attached to these pages to provide you with beautyfull shrimp and/or accessoires. (Shrimp national only (netherlands), gear internationally) There will also be a section called FUZZ Shop.Here you will find gadgets and merchandise related to Bitcoin & Altcoins . Such as keychains or beer bottle openers etc. As the shop is set up there will most likely also be an option to pay in these above mentioned digital crypto currencies such as Bitcoin , Litecoin. But also in the currency FUZZcoin/FUZZBALLS. You can find more about it FUZZBALLS here information about the shop and this payment option will be revealed in time . There is also a section called Graphics&Logo’s . Here you will find a small amount of graphic design i made. Examples range from fun graphics to more serious ones like a “quality control stamp” and a header\logo for a website.More will be added as i make more over time. Do you want a(new) logo on your pages?Or maybe change the existing one? Contact me and i will do my very best to bring your vision to reality! I am quite new but have a big passion for the shrimp hobby and it is expanding rapidly. This website is primarily made for sharing the passion and information about the hobby as well as some of my personal experiences and DIY projects.  We all know things can cost a pretty penny when looking around in (online) aquatic shops. While in many cases if you are a little handy you can easily make custom and/or better things yourself This hobby has really gotten my interest and kinda blew up faster than i expected.  My passion for this hobby keeps on growing  so i decided (or at least try) to create a nice informative webpage about it to share some of the information i gathered and projects i did . this ranges from easily making your own custom sized tanks from some glass panes and silicone to a water sterilizer made from a small handheld kitchen siv and a power adapter to 24volt. add a little plastic and voila!!.. you have a water sterilizer. These spongefilters(shown to the right)  or example are EXCELLENT for the shrimp hobby!! It can be operated with an airpump or you can attach them to a pump. The “grid” of the sponge is very fine and shrimp fry will not get sucked into it or your pump. plus it has a very good filtering so you will have nice clear water in your tank. works excellent via airpump but even better if you detach the plastic transparant tube and connect your pump to it. Re-usable over and over .Easy to rinse/clean.
Mr Shrimp
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